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Journey Through
Some days are better than others...
One cliche that is true with mental illness and treatment is; some days are better than others. Today started out a little rough, when you are in a mood and don't realize it you tend to think everyone else is in that mood. I saw pissy moods everywhere, and of course the boys did have little boy attitudes, but none the less the environment felt stressed. Tension was high at least for me, and then something broke and the day turned out to be better than I thought... Needless to say some days are just craptastic, and they stay that way. I think a lot of it has to do with the way you look at it but most times with me being not ok things are pretty cut and dry, black or white, ya know? Today's lesson relax...because some days will be better, but don't think that it will always be sunshine and rainbows because that is delusion and we don't want that.

Where did you go

Lasik Eye Surgery
Lasik Surgery Busting Myths
Many physicians boast that the latest laser equipment has significantly decreased the failure rate into a number that is definitely close to zero. They even downplay the irreversible Lasik eye accidents as mild complications. However if you simply understand the true numbers of Lasik eye surgery disasters, you wouldn't listen to the "sales pitch" (which are carefully disguised as medical advice) of these Lasik eye surgery doctors. Does it matter that laser eye surgery hurt? Or are you still hypnotized by Lasik’s promises of giving you the perfect vision? Dismiss what your current Lasik physicians declare about the surprisingly low and rare disaster rates of their patients. And ask yourself, “Is it logical for any physician to scare patients away with the actual dangers of Laser eye surgery?” Doctors who operate Lasik Facilities are in business to make money! Why do you think that they will flat out inform you about the risks if that would mean a lost sale to them? The... (more)

.: LifeHasBegun:.
Cabaran Pertama Di Bulan Ogos!!
Arghhh... kopakkkk.. Tadi penyewa call bagitau bil air tetiba naik sampai beratus ringgit. Sebelum ini dok bayaq RM16 - RM 18 sahaja. Sekali tengok bil terbaru kena sampai RM100++ Mau tak terkejut beruk dengaq!! Aku pun call la dengan PBA nak tanya camna nak buat semua. Depa kata, bil air yang dah jadi RM300++ tetapppp kena bayaq and kena repair paip sendiri. Mesti ada paip bocoq, if not memang tak la kan jadi macam tu. Arghhh... stress aku dengaq. Tadi dah suruh abang p tengok kot-kot tang mana ada bocoq, dia kata semua ok. Takut paip dekat lantai la bocoq and dia suggest suruh buat paiping lain. Jangan guna paip yang lama dah, tarik ja yang baru. Modal lebih kurang dalam RM250 T___T Plus dengan duit ayaq yang tetap nak kena bayaq RM300++ = lebih kurang kena kuar duit RM500++ Hurmmm... Sabar Laila.... Tarikkkkk nafasssssssss... - - Hembusssssssssssssssssssssss.... Insyaallah ada jalan!. TAWAKAL.

roy nelson
Local Issues Local protests.
The arrest of blogger chris spivey has made me think. I followed news via his friends updates on twitter and facebook. They bombared the essex police station with calls asking for information. When i was young(er) we would have organised a vigil outside the station. As large a presence as could be mustered to publicise, agitate and inform. Three people becomes five then eight very quickly. It was the same with any problems with local and county councils. Down to the offices with quickly prepared leaflets explaining and discussing the issues. We always tried to involve the local trade unionists and newspapers. We even visited council executives and councillors homes. A peaceful yet noisy, in your face protest. Clear issues, clear demands with humour never anger. We were always a small group but we got the message across. Things happened things changed. With the mobile communications of today organising flash mobs quickly should be easy. A few concerned people... (more)

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